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Central Council

The Central Council has ultimate responsibility for all matters relating to the APEC Architect framework. The Council comprises at least one representative appointed by the Monitoring Committee of each economy authorised to operate a section of the Register. Non-authorised economies may also be invited to attend Council meetings as non-voting observers. The Central Councilís primary duty is to decide the standards and criteria required for registration as an APEC Architect and to establish operational procedures for management of the APEC Architect Register. These are reviewed periodically by the Council to ensure their continued relevance to the practice of architecture within the APEC region and the effectiveness of the systems employed to assess them. The Council is responsible for the authorisation of Monitoring Committees to maintain a section of the Register and for subsequent review of their continued conformance with APEC Architect registration criteria.

Effective communication with relevant authorities in participating economies, architects and consumers alike, is essential for successful operation of the APEC Architect Register. The provision of information on its objectives and achievements, and promotion of the role it plays in facilitating the mobility of architects within the region are also important functions of the Central Council.



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