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Monitoring Committee

Each participating economy is required to establish a Monitoring Committee to take responsibility for administration of the APEC Architect framework in that economy, after receiving authorisation by the Central Council to do so. Monitoring Committees act with delegated authority from the Central Council to implement its policies and carry out it duties.

The primary duty of a Monitoring Committee is to operate a section of the APEC Architect Register for the enrolment of APEC Architects registered/licensed in that economy. It must confirm that candidates for APEC Architect registration have complied with criteria adopted by the Central Council and assess the professional practice experience they have obtained as registered/licensed architects. Each Monitoring Committee is also responsible for ensuring the continued maintenance of required standards.

Monitoring Committees are the constituent bodies of the Central Council. They must nominate one or more representatives to the Council, with each Monitoring Committee entitled to one vote. They are called upon to contribute from time to time to the administrative and review functions of the Central Council and generally to act as centres of information on all APEC Architect matters, and to promote its purposes.

The decisions taken by the Central Council are reached by consensus and are not binding on the regulatory authority of any participating economy.

Members of Singapore’s Monitoring Committee

  • Mr. Tan Shao Yen (President, Board of Architects)
  • Mr. Ng Lye Hock, Larry (Registrar, Board of Architects)
  • Mr. Ong Tze Boon (President, Singapore Institute of Architects)
  • Ms. Chan Li Chen, Angelene (Board Member, Board of Architects)
  • Ms. Wo Mei Lan (Board Member, Board of Architects)
  • Mr. Cheah Kok Ming (Board Member, Board of Architects)
  • Mr. Liu Yaw Lin, Warren (Board Member, Board of Architects)
  • Ms. Soh Siow Lan, Rita (Immediate Past President, Board of Architects)
  • Mr. Chan Sui Him (Past President, Board of Architects)



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