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Architects Act 1991

The Schedule (Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics)

(Act 22 of 1991, Section 38, The Schedule) - Part II


CPCEII Rule 1 -
Media participation and their conduct

1. -(1) An architect may -

(a) contribute articles for publication in any publication or journal on any matter of architectural interest;

(b) receive remuneration for any contribution in any seminar or conference or the like by way of written papers or participation other than as a member of the audience; and

(c) receive remuneration for his contribution to the publication of any book or other literature.

(2) An architect may -

(a) participate in forums; or

(b) be interviewed through the media,

in a manner not otherwise prohibited by this Schedule, where the object of such forum or interview is to promote interest in architecture or in the profession.

(3) An architect shall be at liberty to attend and participate in any function or ceremony which is held in connection with any building project.

(4) Any information released or statement made by an architect in relation to the supply of architectural services by him shall be accurate, truthful and dignified, and shall not be misleading, exaggerated or ostentatious.

2. An architect who is an assessor in an architectural competition shall not act as an architect in any matter connected with a work or project which has been the subject of the architectural competition, but he may act as an arbitrator in any dispute between the promoters of the competition and an architect who participated in the competition.

3. An architect shall not, for the purpose of obtaining any permit, licence or approval of the building authority, sign any drawings, plans or specifications which are not prepared by him or any member of the staff under his supervision, unless he has personally scrutinised and checked those drawings, plans or specifications.

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